Snack Food on the go

Sometimes we’re too busy to make and prepare all our food or just having one of those I need a snack moments, my go to snacks are:

Meat:Peperretes and cold cuts from the grocery store

Cheese, so many kinds and varieties to choose from, fresh cheese curd, cheddar, gouda, brie….find a specialty cheese shop and do som sampling to find new tastes and flavors you like

Nuts:Macadamias, Pecans, Almonds, Tamari Almonds and Walnuts are my favorites

Chocolate: I really like Lily’s crunchy as well as plain, almond and coconut, they are sweetened with Stevia

Quest bars, must admit I have trouble sticking to eating half of one, but the flavors are amazing and the texture is dense and chewy, even if most of them taste a little sweet.

Quest Chips are also available, but to me they have a bad aftertaste and were like eating sawdust, but I reccomend trying them out yourself.

For crunch I love Moon Cheese, this is far and above any other all cheese cracker I have tasted.

Looking for more? here are some suggestions.

GimMe Health Foods Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks 0 Net Carbs

ChocoRite Dark Chocolate Bars 1g Net Carbs per bar!




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