If someone only told me this 37 years ago!

I have had asthma since I was 10, I have taken allergy shots weekly for years as a kid.  I have consumed 100’s of inhalers, steroid inhalers are well over $100/each monthly plus a basic rescue inhaler once a month.

A funny thing happened along the way in ketosis, I stopped taking needing my “rescue inhaler” for instant relief, so i decided I would stop using the steroid inhaler I had been taking.  Woulndn’t you know my symptoms didn’t get worse, in fact i now need my inhaler once every two or 3 weeks.

If only someone had told me 37 years ago to modify my diet and it may clear up my asthma.  In fact if they had told me this I probably would  never have weighed in at 265 pounds nor would i have been diagnosed as diabetic and would have saved my body a lot of wear and tear.

Are you thinking about getting into nutritional ketosis? Stop planning and just do it, throw out the carbage in your house and get on with it, meat, cheese, eggs, bacon, butter, veggies like spinach.  Don’t wait another second this may save your life.

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